Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressor

Clients can avail from us Reciprocating Duplex Air Compressor of the best quality. The Reciprocating Duplex Air Compressor that we offer is manufactured in a State-of-the-art plant in India. Our Oil-Free Air Compressor is specially engineered for tropical conditions and exported all over the world. AIM's Oil Free Air Compressors deploy patented and proven Critical Maintenance Free (CMF) technology, the only of its kind in the world. The same reliable and durable technology is now available for the requisite oil free needs, customized to the buyers’ requirement. The Oil Free Air Compressor leaves our plant after being individually tested.

Application Areas:

All ISO 14001 Industries

Also where 100% oil-free air is critical

CNC Machines & Instrumentation

Color Sorting

Electronic Hardware Manufacturing

Effluent Treatment Plants

Food & Beverage Processing

Garment Manufacturing

Glass Coating

Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Dental Clinics


Nitrogen Generators

Paper manufacturing

Petroleum & Gas

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Manufacturing

Premium spray Painting

About The CMF Technology:

Critical Maintenance Free (CMF) technology is the only of its kind in the world which gives you a combination of 100% oil free air, continuous and heavy duty running and No risk of seizure. As a patented technology of Anest Iwata, Japan it brings in:


Heavy duty Operation

100% oil free air