No Loss Drain Valve

The energy-efficient and durable ENL line of electronic no-loss valve drains offer comprehensive solutions, and an environmentally friendly way to remove condensate from compressors.Save Energy and Money with Our Heavy-Duty ENL Drains:The ENL features a leak-proof, low-maintenance design that helps eliminate loss and clogging as well as saves energy. Designed to work with a wide range of air compressors and accessories, its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to use in confined spaces.A Greener Solution:With its zero air-loss drain design, the ENL saves you money by eliminating waste caused by condensate drip. The drain’s self-cleaning capability ensures long-lasting operation at peak performance.An Intelligent Design:As the ENL drain fills with condensate, the pilot air line stays open as the diaphragm is held closed by air pressure built up in the system. As the reservoir fills, the drain’s intelligent electronic control triggers the solenoid valve, venting air above the diaphragm. The ENL drain calculates the time it takes to discharge, then uses this figure to determine the optimal open time.

ENLD Features:

Reliable design prevents clogging and other operational failures

Broad product offering handles compressed air systems up to 50,000 cfm (1,415 m3 /min)

Simplified maintenance for quick servicing

Operates on demand zero air-loss design for energy savings

High pressure solutions drains with max operation up to 915 psi (63 bar)

Integrated alarm signals if a failure occurs